Waterproof Membrane Pipe Collar 12-42mm (120x120mm)

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Isolbau wall sleeve - expansion zone sleeve - special elastomer sleeve

High quality special elastomer sleeve with expansion zone for permanently watertight sealing on pipe penetrations. Elastic sealing sleeve for permanently watertight sealing in the wall and floor area on pipe penetrations under tiles, slabs and ceramic coverings. For sealing pipe penetrations in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, washrooms, basements, kitchens, balconies, terraces, etc .. Can be used in all moisture stress classes in commercial and private areas


  • Trylaminate made of transversely flexible polypropylene fleece and sealing membrane
  • Compatible with all sealing foils, tile adhesives and sealing slurries
  • High adhesive bond for surface sealing
  • Waterproof and high vapor tightness
  •  For indoor and outdoor
  • For walls and floors
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • Frost resistant
  • Temperature and aging resistant
  • High perforation and tear resistance
  • Flexible
  • Crack bridging
  • For all stress classes
  • Emission class VOC: A +, suitable for public buildings, kindergartens, schools and hospitals


The wall sleeve is made of fleece-lined special elastomer material with a polyester carrier fabric. This material combination results in an excellent bond over the entire surface with all sealing materials used under tiles, such as sealing membrane, polymer dispersion (liquid film) and mineral flexible sealing slurries. With this product a watertight and permanently elastic seal is guaranteed.

Material composition:

  • Carrier: polypropylene fleece, top and bottom
  • Coating: Permanently elastic, non-aging, thermoplastic elastomer

Technical specifications:

  • Color: Blue
  • Sealing zone: TPE
  • Pipe diameter: 12 - 42mm
  • Width sealing zone: about 120 x 120mm
  • Wide beams: about 120 x 120mm
  • Total thickness (approx.): 0.66 mm
  • Material weight: 364g / running meter
  • Temperature resistance: min./max: 40 ° C / + 90 ° C
  • Structure: PP fleece / TPE / PP fleece
  • Thick sealing layer TPE: approx 290 μm
  • Thickness of the composite: approx. 530 μm
  • Overall width: approx. 120 mm
  • Tensile strength [DIN ISO527-3] lengthways: ≥ 117 N / 15mm (s = 3.99)
  • Tensile strength [DIN ISO527-3] transverse: ≥ 66.6 N / 15mm (s = 2.76)
Waterproofing Pipe Collar
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