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Linear Wetroom Shower Tray Tile On Split Former Waste Tanking 900 x 900 x 30mm

£209.99 - £229.99 (Inc. Tax)
£174.99 - £191.66 (Ex. Tax)
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Ezheat Linear Shower Trays provide you with a quick and easy to install wetroom solution, allowing total flexibility and giving the installer the option of building their own wetroom system. Ezheat split trays allow the user to easily transport the tray, particularly into locations that are tricky to access or get to, such as tight door ways or stair cases. Please ensure the trays are correctly sealed down the middle when installing.
The Linear Shower Trays are made from XPS insulation with a fibreglass mesh cement coating on top, making for a strong and sturdy waterproof foundation ready for you to tile onto. Each tray features a pre-made 2% fall to the drain, and are fully trimmable by up to 50mm off each edge (equal amounts must be trimmed from each side of the tray).
Ezheat Linear Shower Trays remove many of the problems with Damp Penetration, especially with timber floors. They also decrease heat loss figures due to their thermal insulation, this is also the case on solid screed floors but instead stops the heat from dispersing into the screed. This makes these trays ideal for use with electric underfloor heating kits which you can find in our shop!
Kit Contains:
  • Shower Tray
  • Drain (Flowrate: 31L to 35L/min depending on grate)
  • Choice of Linear Grate
  • Tanking Kit (If Selected)
Tanking Kits:
The Ezheat Tanking Kit comes with everything required to allow you to create a waterproof seal for your wetroom.
Each kit includes:
  • 1 Waterproof Membrane to Cover 8m2 (2 Coats)
  • 1L Acrylic Primer
  • 10m Waterproof Membrane Tape
  • 1 Internal Corner
  • 300ML Silicone Sealant
  • Gloves & Brush