Is Underfloor Heating Better Than Radiators?

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and when compared to conventional radiator heating systems it's easy to see why.

Diagram showing the difference between radiators and underfloor heating

Radiators work through a heat transfer process called convection. When the water in the radiator heats up, the surrounding air also heats up due to convection and this then spreads around the room as the air circulates. Although this has been the standard heating system in UK homes for decades, radiators are no longer the most efficient way of distributing heat around the home.

Underfloor heating offers unrivalled comfort when it comes to heating your home simply by the way the heat is distributed. Simply put, underfloor heating acts as a massive radiator under the floor, evenly distributing heat throughout the room. This produces radiant heat to make you feel warm and comfortable throughout the home (While running at lower temperatures than radiators due to the increased surface area). As the heat is being distributed evenly across the room, this eliminates any cold spots while also reducing the risk of overheating the body.

Ideal Heating System Heat Distribution