Installation Instructions for Square Shower Trays


Step 1

Put shower tray in the correct position and mark around the tray, to establish which section of the floor boards need to be removed, the tray can be recessed.

Step 2

Once the floorboards are removed, Measure and mark where your drain and waste pipe will be fitted.

Step 3

Cut a piece of plywood to support the drain for drain body, this should be 10mm higher than waste pipe. Connect the drain body to the waste pipe with solvent weld in the usual way. (Always check for leaks before final installation of shower tray).

Step 4

Fix a batten below the top of the joists.

Step 5

Once you are satisfied with the drainage, place plywood around the drain and fix in position.

Step 6

Spread the adhesive evenly over the area where the shower tray is to be installed, being careful to clean away any adhesive on the rim of the trap.

Step 7

Ensure that the surface is smooth & Level.

Step 8

Fix the shower tray into position. With a spirit level, check that the edges of the tray are level. Also you should use waterproof tape to connect all joint and wall corners.

Step 9

Seal all joints (both wall and floor) utilising special waterproof membrane / paste.

Step 10

Seal all corners of shower area with inside corner membrane / paste.

Step 11

Then set the O-ring on Inlet with Seal and put it in.

Step 12

If there’s height difference between tile and drain.

Step 13

Use the riser piece to balance the height difference between tile and drain.

Step 14

The shower base is finished and can be tiled.

In principle, you can use all types and sizes of tiles, special requirements for tiles and mosaic thickness to be <25mm, and the size of the tiles and mosaic on the shower tray must be =50 * 50mm. Otherwise, you should consult the manufacturer.