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Ezheat Aluminium Radiators - Ideal for use with Air Source Heat Pumps

£92.99 - £232.99 (Inc. Tax)
£77.49 - £194.16 (Ex. Tax)
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zheat Radiators feature a die-cast aluminium design, boasting a strong and elegant style of radiator which is suitable for both traditional and contemporary properties. Ezheat Radiators are designed to work with both low and high-temperature heating systems which makes them ideal for pairing with air source heat pumps.

As well as their elegant style and modern features, they can provide the highest heat output you can achieve, as it is one of the most energy-efficient low water content Aluminium radiators available.


  • Maximum operative pressure: 600kPa (6 Bar).
  • The thermal power complies with the European Standard UNI EN 442-2.
  • Warranty: 15 years.
  • Ideal for low temperature geothermal and solar systems.
  • Radiators are assembled from 4 to 15 elements.
  • Standard colour RAL 9010.
  • Suitable for all heating boilers including condensation.

Ezheat Aluminium radiators are lightweight and provide easy handling and installation. Each section of the radiator has a width of 80mm and a depth of 95mm.

Each radiator goes through a double painted process which is finally heat-sealed at 180°C to provide a robust and strong impact-resistant finish. All paints are certified as harmless and are below the limits according to EN71-3 standard used for children toys.

Supplied Complete with ½” Universal Adaptors, Air Vents & Wall Brackets.

The Benefits of Aluminium Radiators

There are lots of different materials that radiators are made from, such as cast iron, steel, and much more. But right now, aluminium radiators are leading the way, and when you see the benefits of Aluminium radiators, it's easy to see why.

Aluminium is very well known for its ability to resist corrosion while being strong and lightweight, along with being a superb conductor of heat. This makes aluminium a fantastic choice of material for radiators. Especially knowing it has an emissivity level nearly 5 times that of steel!

Aluminium radiators are also much lighter than steel or cast iron radiators, along with requiring less water to function. This ultimately adds up to lower heating bills and a highly efficient heating system that will provide you with a warm home for years to come. They are also treated no differently to standard radiators and work in the same way as steel and cast iron radiators do.


Heating System:
Radiators Elements:
European Standard:
UNI EN 442-2
Number of Heat Settings:
Item Height:
430mm, 580mm, 680mm
Item Width:
Maximum operative pressure:
600kPa (6 Bar)