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Aluminium Designer Radiators - White

£155.99 - £395.49 (Inc. Tax)
£129.99 - £329.57 (Ex. Tax)
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White Aluminium Designer Radiators combine style and practicality, providing both warmth and a modern aesthetic to any room. Its construction from aluminium ensures it is both lightweight and robust, guaranteeing longevity. The quick heating capability of aluminium reduces the time it takes to warm up a space, making it more efficient. The white finish enhances the decor of any interior.


  • Style: Sleek, modern design.
  • Finish: white.
  • Material: Made from durable, lightweight aluminium.
  • Heating Efficiency: Fast heat-up, suitable for diverse temperature ranges.
  • Installation: Designed for wall-mounting.

Benefits of Aluminium Radiators: Aluminium radiators are increasingly popular due to their distinct advantages. Aluminium is corrosion-resistant, strong, and lightweight. It is an excellent conductor of heat, with a heat emission rate much higher than steel. This makes it an ideal material for radiators.

These radiators are lighter and require less water than those made of steel or cast iron, leading to lower operational costs. They offer the same level of performance as traditional radiators but are more efficient and effective in heating your home. Their compatibility with both low and high-temperature heating systems makes them perfect for use with air-source heat pumps, offering a practical and eco-friendly heating solution.