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Thermostatic TRV Straight Radiator Valves 1/2" x 15mm Lockshield Pack (Chrome)

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eZheat 1/2" x 15mm Straight Thermostatic Radiator Chrome with Chrome Fittings Valves provide the perfect finishing touch to your heating system. eZheat Straight TRV Valves give you a reliable way of accurately regulating how much heat your radiator or heated towel rail produces for complete control at your fingertips.

Product Features:

Thermostatic TRV Radiator Valves 1/2" x 15mm
Chrome with Chrome Fittings
Bi-Directional Valve Body
15mm Valve Connection
1/2W Pipe Connection
Thermostatic Control
90° Straight Valve
High-Quality Finish
Easy Setting
Frost Protection as Standard
Graduated scale from * to 5 including built-in frost protection

With a high-quality Chrome finish, this pair of thermostatic radiator valves provide the perfect finishing touch to your modern style radiator as well as allowing for easy control of the heat output.

eZheat Thermostatic Radiator Valves feature 6 settings:
* = 6°c
1 = 11-13°c
2 = 15-17°c
3 = 19-21°c
4 = 23-25°c
5 = 27-29°c

Pack Includes:
1x eZheat Straight Thermostatic Radiator Valve
1x eZheat Straight Lockshield Valve