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Thermosphere Electric Underfloor Heating Decoupling Membrane Mat

£16.99 - £211.99 (Inc. Tax)
£14.16 - £176.66 (Ex. Tax)
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ThermoSphere (Formally Vario Pro) Membrane is a combined electric underfloor heating system that consists of a decoupling membrane layer that encases our innovative electric heating cable. 

Our TwistedTwin cable technology is unique and designed to reduce cable stress, creating a safer, easier to install and longer-lasting cable superior to anything else on the market, backed up by a lifetime guarantee.

You can simply press the heating cables into the membrane at variable spacing depending on your required output (w), and roll out over the space you wish to heat. 

The Thermosphere membrane is a patented polypropylene membrane with rounded square shaped dimples for channels specifically designed to hold Thermosphere heating cables in place. On the underside of this membrane have an anchoring fleece to ensure the membrane bonds to the substrate. 

  • 1m x 15m Roll

Suitable for use on - 

  • Anhydrite Screeds

  • Timber/Plywood Structures

  • Hardwood Floors

  • Synthetic Flooring


The simple design of this membrane means that a ThermoSphere Membrane electric underfloor heating system is typically installed in just one day. Our recommended solution's installation requires fewer steps than other underfloor heating products which allow you more time to just enjoy life and/or focus on your other projects.

It’s a fast and easy way to create a heated wetroom. ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating membrane can be installed on walls as well as floors and sealed by using the ThermoSphere waterproofing kit.

The uncoupling membrane layer neutralises the stress caused by different rates of expansion and contraction in a tiled floor, this minimises the risk of tile delamination and cracking, which means once installed it stays installed.

ThermoSphere Membrane electric underfloor heating is the fastest and easiest way to create a heated wetroom. Its advanced waterproofing properties make it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. It can be installed on walls as well as floors and sealed against moisture & liquid by using the ThermoSphere waterproofing kit. 


In the unlikely that you do experience a problem with our membrane floor heating solution, don't worry, you can relax knowing that each installation is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

The installer's electric underfloor heating choice for its improved protection and ease of installation, we are confident that you will love it, ThermoSphere installers don't leave the membrane road once they're upon it.