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ThermoSphere 140W/m² Underfloor Heating Foil Kit with Overlay & Underlay

£41.99 - £501.49 (Inc. Tax)
£34.99 - £417.91 (Ex. Tax)
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ThermoSphere Foil, Our foil electric underfloor heating system, is designed for high-performance underwood, carpet and vinyl floor finishes. Our foil system is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. It means you can now enjoy the warmth and comfort only electric underfloor heating can bring, not just in your kitchen and bathroom but in all rooms of your home. ThermoSphere Foil is in league with our other floor heating products with regard to innovation. In 2015, Our ThermoSphere Foil became the first fully earthed foil electric underfloor heating system in the UK to feature easily accessible cable loops designed to assist with an easier installation.  


You have 3 options when it comes to Thermostats. See below :

  • Smart Home: You can control it from your smartphone, It’s economical, has 7-day heating scheduling and you can connect it to your network using the SmartHome hub. These are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The Smart Home Hub is essential for the Smart Home Thermostat.

  • Programable:  It has an automatic open window sensor, Energy-saving adaptive start and Flexible scheduling (7 days, 6 events). 

  • Manual: It has a simple on/off switch, a manually adjustable temperature system, Easy to use touch display.

How to choose your kit:

  • Measure the room size.

  • Subtract any unheated areas such as kitchen units to get the size of the heated area.

  • Order a kit that fits within the heated area. E.g, for a 9.3m2 area, choose the 9m2 kit.

  • Order extra overlay and underlay for the unheated areas.

  • Choose your control.